Mission Statement

Our mission, simply put, is to provide our customers with the world's best and most innovative products and customer support. Powered by excellent people and the most current technology available, we strive to be a customer-driven, high-performance company that delivers superior value.

The FSI Company Values

The following four basic values are our touchstone, outlining the kind of company that we aspire to be. Our combined and individual values guide our behavior and decisions as we deal with our customers, with our partners, with our suppliers, with the community in which we work and live, and most of all, with each other.

A True Passion for Serving Our Customers

All of our actions are driven by our desire to serve our customers better than anyone else in the industry. We strive to connect with every customer. We work not only to meet their needs but to consistently exceed their expectations. Our customers can rely on us and our commitment to them, now and in the future.

A Strong Commitment to Business Excellence

While there are many elements of business excellence, we believe a focus on speed, innovation and quality is the best way to meet our goal of providing the world's best business and financial solutions.

  • Quality - In order to provide superior customer value, we continuously improve our products and services through strong commitments to quality principles.
  • Innovation - We strive toward innovation to better serve our customers. We give people and businesses flexibility, and our creativity is rewarded. We're committed to a learning environment in which we constantly upgrade our skills, our products, and our services.
  • Speed - We are faster than the competition in recognizing and responding to our customers' needs. We're bold enough to take risks, but we will always balance our desire for speed with diligent fact-finding and consideration for different points of view.

A Deep Respect for Each Person on the Team

Each of us has rights as individual members of the FSI Team, and with those rights come responsibility. We have the right to work in an environment where mutual respect, teamwork, integrity and candor are the norm. We have the responsibility to foster that environment and actively contribute to the overall success of the team through personal accountability.

  • Mutual Respect And Teamwork - We support and celebrate a diversity of people and ideas in our work environment. Each of us has an obligation to speak up and an obligation to listen. We encourage constructive criticism and confront issues with mutual respect. We pro-actively communicate and share information with colleagues throughout our business. We expect the best of ourselves and each other. No person is alone in his or her pursuit of our objectives. We are a team in the truest sense of the word.
  • Personal Accountability - We each take ownership for the success of our company. Our objectives reflect our aspiration to be the best in the world, and our rewards are determined by our results. We keep our commitments and recognize in ourselves and in each other our most valuable assets, and we strive for personal excellence as well as team success.
  • Integrity and Candor - We uphold the highest level of business ethics and personal integrity. We are honest and candid in all our dealings with our customers, our suppliers, our partners, and each other. We support behavior that is consistent with our values and speak up when we see behavior that is not.

A Strong Sense of Social Responsibility

We live up to our responsibilities to serve and enhance the communities in which we work and live and the society upon which we all depend.