FSIOasis is used by large and small companies to prepare their annual and quarterly filings to the NAIC and to their respective state of domicile. FSIOasis is easy to use and extremely intuitive. FSIOasis transfers all applicable data from one filing to the next with only a few clicks, and logs this information on the front page. Granual security controls allow you to manage who has access to what down to who can view a page or mark it as a NONE.

FSIOasis is designed with excel in mind. The pages behave just as excel does and includes many of the same functions. You can easily export a page template out of the software if you need to send a copy to a colleague for data review and easily data map it back into the software.

All states require checklist's and various state specific forms to be filed. This is an exhaustive process for any insurance company, which is why FSIOasis has these forms built directly into the software at no charge. We pre-populate the forms with your company specific information to minimize data entry. These forms are updated as the states update their website and incorporated as is directly into the software as PDFs. 

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