Are You Compliant?

  • Have you reported your properties on time?
  • Did you take your b2b deductions where applicable?
  • Have you sent out due diligence letters?
  • Do you even know what due diligence letters are?

If not, you have come to the right place! Most companies think they are in compliance because they have sent old payroll check monies to the state, but they are sadly mistaken. Unclaimed property comes in many forms and can be hiding in any company’s A/P system.

Filing unclaimed property can be a complex process. There are three major components to filing: finding reportable properties, sending out due diligence letters to the proper owners, and reporting the properties to the states on time. It is also vital that companies maintain their u/p records. You never know when that "random" audit could come up!

Our compliance officer, Susan, is available to FSITrack customers to provide in-depth information regarding abandoned property laws, rules, forms and state compliance regulations. Once you become an FSITrack user, Susan and her compliance team will be at your disposal.

If you would like more information on becoming an FSITrack client, please fill out our info request form.